After the delay of an hour we got on the train. Our seats were occupied by some others as is the norm in such trains. But to see 19 people apart from us three in a compartment was some sort of a shock. People were sitting on the space between the two sleeper berths and on the aisle also.

We requested the ‘uncle’ to get up and as it turned out his entire family was occupying our seats.

“See, we are respectable people. We don’t cause problems to others. And if you want us to get up we will.”Having said this the ‘uncle’ kept sitting. Again we asked him to get up. But he told something to same effect and kept sitting.

Luckily after 5 minutes or so the TTE came along and we atleast got a place to sit-although I was isolated from my friends and sharing seats with someone else. Actually the others were waitlisted passengers which did not make it to RAC or confirm list. Still they sat. Still as was evident all these people had really urgent things to attend to and thats why the TTE I guess was lineant. I am enlisting some of our co-passengers:

1.The ‘uncle’ and his family were going to arrange I guess their daughter’s marriage. But tell me why their entire family was accommodating them?

2.There were two boys around the age of 20 years. They occupied the aisle. They had kept the lights on throughout the night as they were studying for their POLICE FORCE Examination (I am forgetting the exact name.) Hats off to them for even attempting to concentrate.

3. There was this farmer with his goat. He seemed to be accompanying a blind beggar. He was the most annoying person. He did not get down on the platform just before his village but pulled the chain moments later and got down in front of his hut. Lazy people!

It was one of those train journeys I would rather forget. We were up the whole night and bored to the core.



  1. @Thanks Shilpa..waise this post is nt that nice (i dint find it so) chk out the snippets from an indian train journey for a li'l more spice.. and i'll be writin on dat tag say by tomorrow…

  2. @SubhayanCertainly in the top but there was this time when we had three lectures of inorganic chemistry salt analysis in succession… i had almost lost my life and become a shaheed in that

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