I had just alighted from a flight en-route Balasore.


This photo speaks for itself(and the sub-heading). It is quite blurred because these kids were moving on this trollley at dangerous speeds and my phone’s camera is not all that great. Plus there is a third kid who had to do all the pushing.

I wish I had made a video because then you could have seen how this vehicle was avoiding humans, luggages , pillars, beautiful air-hostesses and other trolleys as well.


The bus in which I was making this trip had a driver who was a man of his principles. Actually his only principle that I came to know was that the TV in the bus would only be on if the AC was off. So for half the journey all the passengers had to cope up with a video on the TV that showed songs from Indian movies with snake-charmers as heroes and usually another snake -charmer as the villain. And the snake would always be the heroine. No points for guessing why?

It was a quite aboring show though almost all the villagers travelling in the village were catured by pure cinematic joy. I mean how can people enjoy this. Here’s a scene.

Aamir Khan(I did not know he had ever played a snake-charmer) and Juhi Chawla were dancing away. Then night fell and they lit a fire. Aamir was warming himself near the fire. Then Juhi appeared on the scene and bit her lip which was a sort of a symbol for Aamir. He then leaves the fire having found another source of heat and joins Juhi and ….

All this was done to the tune of a been or pungi(an instrument played by snake-charmers). Weird!!!


Finally half the trip was finished and the AC was on. And this beautiful girl gets on the bus and guess what?. Occupies the seat next to me. Okay. I had at least two hours. So I could talk with her, impress her, modernise her (if she is a small-town girl), exchange phone numbers…. Actions speak louder than words dude. So just as I was mustering up all my courage to break the ice, she starts crying. I have not spoken as yet girl why are you crying? Is there a problem with my aura itself?

“Why are you crying?” I asked.

“No it is nothing.” she said.

“Okay so you cry just like that. ”

I don’t know why but that made her smile. Girls, when they cry and smile at the same time, look really good.

After a while, “Can you give me the window seat?See I always vomit everytime I travel by bus…,”she asked, still looking down. As soon as I heard the word vomit, I had gotten up to exchange the seat.After this exhange I thought the ice was broken and I should talk further but just then…

“Can I use your phone? I have to talk with someone and I don’t have balance.”

Hey this girl was being too much now. God knows how long she will talk. Nevertheless I gave her the phone. All my fears were allayed when she typed a Vodafone number as Vodafone to Vodafone is free. Yipeee!!

“Please try to understand,” she was talking on the phone and I could not stop myself from overhearing. “I was not in town that day. Yeah, I am coming there. No you don’t go. We will talk first.We just can’t end like this.”

Was she talking with her boy-friend?

She said the three magic words just before returning the phone and simultaneously clearing all my doubts once and for all.

Lover nahin toh Good Samaritan hi sahi!


I went down to a shop to have a cold drink when this bus had stopped for a break. I had not finished when this bus started moving. And I ran(I usually avoid running. I don’t look good while running.) I had all my original certificates in my luggage which was now on the bus. Why was not the conductor stopping the bus seeing a stranded passenger running. He made a sign for me to catch the bus running. I ran with all I had and finally near the door I made this jump onto the doorstep. The feeling of going from the speed I was running to the speed of the bus in milliseconds is a feeling everyone should feel sometime.The acceleration was intoxicating. People in metro cities do it everyday though.


The bus was overloaded by the time we reached Balasore. The conductor was hanging out of the bus literally gripping only to one of the handles on the bus. What a feeling must that be! The girl was sitting two windows away from the door. The conductor made a mini-trip then. He held onto the windows and came to the second window to make the transaction as he had not yet taken money from the girl- all this when the bus is in motion. Plus there was not a bit of fear in his face or eyes that he will ever lose grip and consequently his life. He also returned to the door safely.

And finally I reached Balasore.



  1. u missed a golden opportunity dude … how better could it get? this pretty girl was on the verge of a break-up, and u actually recounciled her back to her lover, instead of taking his place* … i feel sorry for u … *kidding. that was funny man!!!

  2. Kudos for succeeding in catching the bus running – that is your first lesson when you commute in metros and u learned it outside a metro!Spiderman was kewl!How many gals r u into dude?Plz tell me which muvy it was…. 😉

  3. i m not into many girls as i think the image is being built up.. just thought to talk which also did not happen well..i dont know movie as they were showing just randomly assorted videos from such movies the songs… check on google or bing if you really want the name

  4. ha ha AC and girl was gud…!! and the way u've written it …one cud'nt tell whether its fiction or non- …but anyways i enjoyed all the same…andi hate authors was also gud…typical girl stuff..!! 🙂

  5. Well!Except for the airport,AC and the girl part I do the rest daily here at my place!Hanging out of the bus is interesting actually and so is catching a running bus!Sad you don't experience them from time to time!

  6. @Pawanwell definitely hanging is still ok but going back to collect the money.. do you really do that everyday? good then must be very exhilarating for you then..cheers dude

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