My mother and I had been to this temple today. As it was Monday there was this huge rush in the temple and there were about a hundred to two hundred people in the room where the Ling was there. The floor was slippery because of a large number of mashed bananas which were supposed to be for the God. Finally both of us managed to get near the God and my mom stood near the corner while I stood beside.

Just then the priest who was standing still till then turned around ….

“Look out, ” I shouted.

But the priest had already smashed the coconut on the wall inches away from my mom’s face. OMG. Beware guys.

The following image showcases seemingly innocuous objects called diyas/deeps but can be fatal at times.

These are called diyas or deeps.


A lady’s saree’s (for all the non-Indian readers its a clothing Indian women wear) end caught fire and slowly burnt its way up but the devoted lady was busy chanting prayers with eyes closed. Anyone would feel that the saree was on fire but this woman was so much into her prayers that she did not seem to notice at first. Finally she did notice when the priest threw a bucket of water at her. The woman obviously was too taken aback by the fire burning out that she fainted.

Amazingly till she was praying she seemed fine. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

People give their offerings to God on this huge round bronze plate. It is usually filled with lots and lots of coins and a few random notes usually those that are torn or crumpled if you notice closely. I was just looking around while my mother finished her prayers and my eyes fell on this lady. Her fingers (and consequently she) were upto no good. She was faking as if she was putting a coin on the plate but actually she was taking away coins. She did this for about two to three times. Quite a thief !

But then all of a sudden she took out those collected coins and kept them back on the plate and looked around for people noticing her great offering because people usually give one or two rupees. God for this lady will forgive and forget.




  1. @Subhayanpoint my friend… religion in these parts of Asia is an obsession..when is your next post coming i hd thought to start commenting from that one

  2. Dude! This is wicked! Some of these incidents are quite commonplace, but the others are downright shocking! I didn't know the others happened at all… Which temple, bro?

  3. Hey Debi,Thanks for dropping by and commenting!!Liked your template, which reminds me I need to revamp my template ;)Will come back!! Got to go now! 🙂

  4. @Amrit thanks for the comment on template.. credit must goto Subhayan who actually suggested me to get rid of my previous normal(read boring) template…then i went on a search and found this (finally)..

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