In the 21st century a couple of bored Bansalites started out with this game. The task was simple to convert cricket from being a 75 yard field game to it being played in an average-sized room. They started playing with this clip-board for a bat, a rolled paper-ball for a ball and a bucket for a wicket. Obviously that paper ball did not bounce at all, so all balls had to be full-tosses. Very repetitive indeed.So they had to leave this mundane arrangement. These guys simply put cellotape on the paper ball which at least made it possible for it to bounce. After that there was no stopping them. Hours were spent sweating it out in the room. And fans had to be switched off as you know any aerial stroke then ended up being a threat for the lamp, tube-light, clock and etc etc which were saved many times from damage because of uber-quick reflexes of some players. The popularity of the game spread and the entire PG ended up playing it(even the nerds ended up here around 2 am sometimes.)Sometimes they had visiting players from neighbouring PGs as well.

THE PAPER BALL(As preserved in the Museum for Room Cricket , Rudra’s Room ,Trivedi Gardens made by the founders themselves.)


1.BAT- Clipboard or a bat-like structure used to clean clothes or sometimes a real bat
2.BALL-Cellotaped paperballs, Smiley Stress Balls(great bounce and sometimes they spun as well.)
3.WICKET-Bucket or sometimes two buckets to give bowlers a good chance.
4.TOWELS- These were the most important because it got really sweaty.
5.BOUNDARY ROPE-The wall at the opposite end.

THE SMILEY STRESS BALL(Introduced by Apu. Available at any stationers for a price varying from Rs 10 – Rs 20)


Same as the usual cricket.

1.Most Unforgettable Moment Award – Debi(Myself) and Gunjan Misra. I smacked the ball with which Gunjan had promised by his life to get me bowled straight into the tube light and it rained glass and white powder leaving us in sheer darkness.

2.Best Commentator Award- Satvik. He has the best commentating skills and includes vernacular proverbs that make it so funny and enjoyable.(Once a match was abandoned as no one could stop laughing.)

3.Best Camerawork- These matches and the commentary on them were recorded on Apu‘s phone mostly by Rudra.

4. Best Spinner Award – Robin. He really spins it a lot with that stress ball.

5.Most Damages Award – Debi . I somehow ended up breaking the walls of the PG a lot of times. (Sorry Uncleji for all that noise and bits of walls missing in Rudra‘s room.)

This post is now available to be put in any physical education book for 12th class.


8 thoughts on “ROOM CRICKET

  1. great..!! now u're really hitting it D..!!!i'll give 10 on 10 fr dis..though the content was gud ..but it was da presentation part dat was awesome….really those pics were nice …..& evrythin else too…could hav been a bit more descriptive…as it was really only da "Trivedi Gardens"-Indoor Facility…..but on the whole…gunjan really went fr many….robby's left arm turners were one to watch out for …ruddy's bouncers…& ur "dunno-where-it-came-from-deliveries…"all of those things were just PURE,DIVINE FUN…..!!!

  2. Hmmm!I used to play this version of cricket ever since the concrete jungle has encroached every bit of space available for playing 'normal' cricket.You could upload the videos too, in fact I would be too happy to watch them!

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