CCD(Cafe Coffee Day) is definitely not my usual place to hang out because:

  1. You need to order something to be eligible to occupy a seat.
  2. You can’t even just sit for a glass of water because you need to pay for that as well.

Still this Friday I was there waiting for a friend whom I had not met for a couple of years. I had ordered the cheapest coffee worth Rs. 22 and was waiting.

That’s when my eyes drifted towards this really beautiful girl sitting in the corner with her friends. And her eyes met mine and they locked for a moment more than what might have been considered coincidental. She obviously broke out of that ‘eye-lock’ first and started talking in an over-excited tone with her friends.

Dude, that’s just an arbitrary event. Nothing to make a meaning out of. Maurya, hurry up or God knows what I might end up thinking? Again as my eyes started to explore the geography of the cafe I don’t know why they got stuck with this girl. This time around I noticed that she was not that fair but she was very gorgeous. I decided this time to purposely avoid looking that side. Who knows if she has noticed me watching, what she might have thought? It was already 6 o. clock. How long did I have to wait in this place like this? I did not even have a uber-cool phone to kill boredom nor the patience to wait longer.

Okay if Maurya does not come in the next five minutes I leave.

Well Maurya did not come. So guess I had to leave. I paid the bill and decided to leave. I guess it would be of no harm to have another look at that girl before leaving. So near the door, I turned around(stylishly I thought) and my eyes browsed the corner for that angel. Hey where’s the girl?

I really wanted to look at her one time more before leaving. But guess fate had decided against it.

Just as I went out, I saw her. She was talking with someone on the phone. As soon as she saw me, she cut short her conversation.

She came up to me and asked ,”You leaving so early. Care for a cup of coffee together.”

That left me speechless.

I managed to mumble a yes before opening the door for her.


As I followed her back to the seat I had previously occupied I tried to get in ‘form’. Now ‘form’ for a guy/girl caught in a situation like this is the ability to impress that you are smart and that at one shot. In fact let’s have a score-board for both me and her and let’s see who has got the ‘form’.


5 bonus points to her for being so beautiful.

So what should I do first then?I went ahead and drew the chair out for her and then came over and took the seat in front.That would be like 5 points for gentleman behaviour.


I asked,”So what’s your name?”

She said,” Shruti. And yours?”

Shruti. Hmmm…. Nice name then.

“It’s Debi,”I said.

“Isn’t that a little girlish? I don’t mean to hurt but…”

5 marks cut. Now thats rude on her part.


“Actually thats short for Debidatta as it’s a tongue twister for some people.”

“You are the same guy. ICSE topper-types na. Yeah, you definitely have this padhakhu(studious) aura now that I am beginning to notice.”

Hey how can you do this? At least give me a chance. You can’t cut me out just because I did well in my tenth. That’s injustice to me and the other geeks in this world.

“Well you don’t know me yet do you. I guess you can judge all that later…,” and I thought for a while and added ,” when we know each other better.”

She smiled and that took me off. I was getting a great feeling apart from 5 points for such a timely statement that drew such a beautiful smile from her. Yeah let’s give her 5 points as well for the smile.


“So what do you do apart from hanging out here?” I asked.
“Nothing much actually. I simply hate studies and love almost everything else that is supposed to take me away from them. As such I am a Commerce student. So you know….,” and I guess she would have told something else if this waiter would not have appeared.”One latte. And what do you want?” I asked her.”I would have a Submarine. And please order at that table in the corner. Thank You.”Hey, what’s a submarine? It sounded huge.

“So where were we then? So what do you do apart from studying, studying and just studying,” she said.

“Well that’s an accusation which I face from lots of people. I enjoy whatever I do, nevertheless.”

“Hey, that’s the issue. You do only one thing-studying.”

5 points to her. What shall I attack next with?

“Well don’t you think that makes it all the more difficult to enjoy it. Still I do.”

Thats nice. At least it kept me alive in competition. 3 points for quick response then to me.


“Okay so you a Kutian?” shot Shruti.

My brain carried out a quick operation.
Search: Kutian.
Results: No results in Debi’s Vocabulary
Nearest results: Kutta,Kuttia.

Bad vocabs, Debi. Minus 5 for that then.

“So what’s a Kutian?” I ventured to ask.

“Guys on Orkut are called Kutians. But guess I need to introduce you…”

“No I do have an account there but I wasn’t aware of this little nomenclature.”

“Nomen–what? I just know Nauman from Roadies. But you toh ….”

Minus two for her as well.


“Hey, I watch Roadies. And I know Nauman. This is nomenclature- science of naming and classifying things.Leave so you had noticed me looking at you.”

“Well, frankly my whole group had. I don’t know why I sort of — you know—- kind of liked it.”

I did not ask what ‘it’ was and why she liked it. What matters is that she liked ‘it’. Good we were finally coming to the point.

“Well you are so beautiful that I just kept looking.”

And after this for the first time did she look at me directly eye to eye. Just as I was getting myself ready to drown in the depth of her lovely eyes she broke connection. Guys this is bad now. Just imagine you are going to dive in this pool and you have made your jump and someone has drained the water.

Actually her friends had started to leave, so she even had to hurry up.

“So you have to go then, I guess,” I said “What about the submarine?”

I really wanted to see one without ordering.

“That was for my friend. Got to go now,” she said and scribbled something on the napkin and left.

I wanted her to turn once before going but she was too busy giggling with her friends.

On the napkin she had written her phone number!

What an idiot I was ? I had not even asked for her phone number!

She deserved lots of points for that.


(This scoreboard thing is from some movie. I forget which. So don’t accuse me for plagiarizing later)
EPISODE 3Later that night at my house.”It can’t be so simple,”said Maurya. “No girl is so easy. It’s quite filmy and this napkin is not proof enough of her love.”

“You are just pissed off because you came late or else all this might have never happened. It happened dude.I can’t tell …”

“Call her then. Call now,” he said.

“I can’t just call her. I have to prepare myself for that. You know rehearse and get into ‘form’.Or for a change. Let’s just be myself this time. No rehearsal. Whatsay Maurya?”

“Just call. Why do you think so much?”

I called.

“Hey, it’s ringing,” I said.

“Wow. What were you expecting? You would call and the phone would turn into Shruti. It’s ringing. What’s the world coming to?”

I said,”Hello, Shruti?”

Shruti from the other side,” Yeah and you are?”

“Debi. We met today.”

“Yeah. Debi I have to tel you something,” she said.

I love you obviously.


“Well, my friends had challenged me to spend 10 minutes with a stranger in CCD. So you seemed to have wanted to talk. That’s why I had come to your table. Don’t feel bad. I am really sorry if I have hurt you. But I had hundred bucks at stake. Hey, are you there? Debi…”

I hung up. Shocking. Mind-numbing.I felt a vacuum in my chest and this very odd feeling of desperation.

“Maurya I am going to sleep.” He did not stop me or ask me anything.

When I woke up the next day I got this sms on my phone:
sry for ystrday. but truly u r nice lets meet. today 4pm CCD.
sry again.

This girl always leaves me speechless, always.

So I am going now to meet her. Pray for me brother.


18 thoughts on “SPEECHLESS

  1. well to b frank…dis was sumthing i was waiting for…hmm..awesome…phew !!!whosoever u r or watsoever u ve becum …but u ve proved that u still have some of those traits in u which were …errr…ummm…ur TRADEMARK..according to me…hehe..GOOD..u ve kept them alive inside u…………………………!!!!!!

  2. well…….too koool… i think u must be very thankful to maurya…….hmm..i am eagerly waiting for the rest of the text…this ” to be continued”….a very impressive idea to end with!!!!!!!sometimes wishes come true so amazingly that we just cant even make out that our wish has been granted……well keep up with ur “mumbling”….very freshning and thought-locking plot…!!! regardsmehak

  3. lemme guess….the scoreboard idea is from Pyaar ke side effects….ryt ?remember you telling me abt it long ago…gr8 m8….”rivets” is all i have for ya….it’s up to you to work out what part of speech you should convert that to…cheers

  4. awesome stuff..u got me hooked up till d end (of d blog, not ur story 😉 ). u do have an interestin writin style mate !!n again a very apt title.. ur “speechless”ness was refelected several times in the episodes ! i can understand dat.. natural hai yaar !!haa.. par kahaan gayi woh mardangi ?? aj-kal ladko ka kaafi bura haal ho gaya hai (me obviously included) :))aur aise kaise dekh raha tha bey ki uske poore grp ne notice kar liya ?? is baar tu bach gaya, koi “bhai” wala lafda nahiin hua, yet ;)waise, how does it feel to think dat shruti might be reading ur blog 🙂 ??now all i can say dat is just keep up the superb writin n a very ‘dil-se’ All the Best for episode 3 !!!!PS: i’m a kutian too.. i didnt kno dat either !!

  5. Even I am a kutian(dint kno that)…it seriously sounds like kutta.. btw, a)15 points for originality (the brain search for “kutian”,the drowning in her eyes and the nauman joke)b)15 points for the title”speechless”..c)100 points for creativity(da story made me float in my dreamy world of fantasies)P.S:I GO 2 DIS DREAMY WORLD ONLY WHEN I READ GR8 STORIES AND FILMS..SO UR STORY REALLY WAS GOOD Do continue with this story and make it nice n unexpected.m expecting some surprises in your next part..your writing is getting better day by day..keep up the good work..!!!

  6. rolf…..i can’t decide what was funnier…your post or the comments…anyways….both gave me a good laugh…although the reason seemed sorta half baked…(a dare ?? i expected something more original….)but still…overall was mast…rating: -(e^iπ)*π out of X/2where X is the prime root of the equation y^2 – 11y + 28and btw….i knew what kutian meant… :Pand btw again, loved the search part…i’m going to steal that idea for sure…l8r

  7. it was a beautiful presentation is da 1st thing i wud say..n truly speaking..i nvr thought someones eyes can lock debis..well,da girl seemed a flirt earlier(to b honest even lately)but finally she wud hav realised it was bad to hurt a “padhakus” feelings..but even debi fared well..on his umm..umm..first date(partially)..but dis is a clear symbol k is ladke k symptoms achche nahi hai..keep an eye varna fisal jayega..did u notice how boldly he said,”Well you don’t know me yet do you. I guess you can judge all that later”..keep guessing wht it meant????????

  8. man… i am not much into blogs but this was somethin cool… i liked it… its nice how u’ve kept it lively and interesting till the end.. too gud man..

  9. omigod…..!!! wat a story… i reeely have no words 2 describe how i felt whyl readin it.. i totally floated into ur world of fantasy…!!things i most liked -1)d whole concept n style f writing… totally diferent n new style..2)mumbling thng.. 3)kutian…. even i hadnt heard abt tht..4)nauman joke was a nice creativity…5)d scoreboard was reely fun part6)d description u had given of urself… n beauty f d girl… d drownin part…..7)n odr things i missed.. u know here n there u had added, i luvd it..i reely was totally absorbed in it….i still cant say how gr8888 it was….!!!!!!!!!!n definitely ur stylre of writin has infinitely improved n its jus d best i think…keep it up yaar..!!!!

  10. gr8 presetation dude……!!!!!!what 2 say abt it yaar……excellent way of setting thngs……yah that kutian word was really funny as all said…..even i too found that funnier…he hebut sry lolz tu bechara ek bar phas bhi gaya….he he ho hogr8 style of writing…….kabhi kabhi hamko bhi shikhaya karo yaar……da way of scoring was a new creativity type…gud but very bad for ur low score….!!!so carry on with ur style……!!!!SUBHASHREE……

  11. vry intrstin….dat quote part n thinkin part did deir job…u knw i hv also got da “girlish name” rxn while mentionin ur name 2 ma frns here…”Well don’t you think……Still I do.”..dat was gud rxn..shud hv given more mrks 4 it…hmmm…getting into “form” was no less…u really ROCK!!!

  12. great one yaar..!! a treat really..!!and ya i'll give u a 100 for "getting into form" :P..and a 1000 for those diplomatic replies u managed to get out .:)..i know its vry difficult in da given circumstances…..ha ha

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