Location:Somewhere near Sagar
Characters: Robin, Satwik, Amit and ******

11 PM

Robin said, “Well, let’s go somewhere, yaar.”

Satwik said, “Let me take you to this really cool place. Me and my friends discovered it last year during our board exams. We got all the confidence with which we gave our exams from this place.”

“Let’s hit the road then. And yeah let’s pick up Amit on the way. He had sms-ed he was getting bored”, said Robin putting on his jacket.

11.30 PM

Robin shouted,”This gave you confidence. It’s giving me the creeps.”

Amit told,”A graveyard should give you the creeps. Why did you bring us here?”

Satwik said, “Well you were getting bored and he wanted to go somewhere. Oh chill man nothing happens the ghosts are dead. If thats what is scaring you Amit then no need to come in .”

Amit said,”You are going in?”

Satwik replied,”Ya IGI: I’m Going In and even Robin is. Aren’t you coming in Robin?”

Robin said,”Well let’s come back tomorrow. Let’s go back home today and muster up all courage we have say good bye to our girl-friends and parents and then come here tomorrow, ok.It’s a promise. I hope that’s ok with you Amit?”

Amit okayed , Satwik grunted and the graveyard plan was discarded.

They came out onto the highway. Satwik went straight to the middle of the road and …… well he laid himself on the road.Robin followed.

Satwik said,”It’s quite warm. Come on Amit feel the heat. Anyways it’s quite cold out here”

“Don’t you think a truck might come and crush all of us if we sleep there,”said Amit .

“Come on don’t be such a cheapo. We can know whether a truck, a bus or a cycle is coming when it is 2 to 3 kms away,” said Satwik

“No leave me alone.Okay let me click photos of you guys to put on orkut,”said Amit

He turned his bike on and lighted the entire road. So there they had a photo-shoot for half an hour or so. They shot photos in almost every pose that each one could offer.

Finally as everyone had had enough of this and were about to leave a jeep came along. No one understood why it stopped: guess it was odd for 3 young guys to hang out at midnight on a public highway.

4 00 AM

Satwik said, “Dad, can you come to the police station now? No i have been arrested for taking drugs. No obviously I did not. Please ……

PS: ****** – POLICE

Location: Dusshera Mela, Kota
Characters:Apu, Rahul, Rudra and myself

We had just reached the Dusshera Grounds and the enormity of the fair this year left us stunned. People seemed to be rushing in from all directions. Everyone around us seemed to have put on their best clothes for this occasion. In fact for the localites this is a huge event something like Christmas: it comes once a year but it surely is the best time. We caught sight of a newly married couple(most probably) who were thinking that they were a part and parcel of the crowd and their public display of affection would go unnoticed, then came along an aunty who seemed to have put on all her gold on herself (for unrestricted public exhibition)that she had accumulated till that day( why do these people think that there would be others who would notice that in all that crowd. I mean who cares?) and then came along this girl who had successfully transformed herself into an albino(How? Talc obviously) : she was having a little difficulty to walk with grace with those stilettos but she managed somehow and so on. I mean everybody there seemed to want attention: well they did catch my eye .

Just at the entrance to the fair, there was this man with a stall: there was a gun and balloons to shoot at. The prospect of using a gun really got some hormones activated but then when I saw the muzzle of the gun was inches away from the balloons I guess whatever feeling had been aroused by those chemicals subsided and I decided not to have a shot. But Rahul, Apu and Rudra were quite excited and started shooting. They shot one bullet, the man opened the barrel filled it up and again they shot. This went on for quite some time and finally they had had enough and even I had had enough of waiting.

Apu asked the man, “So how much did it cost?”

The man replied,”Fifty rupees.”

What the — Fifty rupees for shooting at balloons from a distance less than their diameter. That was too much.

Apu asked,”So how many shots did you both shoot?”

Rudra and Rahul had not counted. Neither had Apu nor had I counted.

Apu concluded,”That guy was a lootera, man.”

So we had no option but to pay fifty bucks and leave. Guys beware of such looteras. For example with the golgappa/gupchup vendors do keep a count or you might be losing out on some free fund.

Location: Dusshera Mela, Kota

I hope you all have seen a boat that does a sort of periodic motion in a vertical circle in amusement parks or in local melas. The boat in this mela was overloaded by say 20 to 40 extra people. I say ‘extra’ because these people were not even sitting . They stood on the side-rails and held onto the bars of the boat as it swung to and fro. I find just sitting on that boat a ride my mind and body can just survive but standing on that was out of question.

Just as I was thinking how scary a ride it was being for these people one brave-heart let go of his bar, stretched his hands , got carried away with the cacophonous music and did a Titanic( i mean he just spread his arms) and this time when the boat was going down the man did not go down. He went up: thrown tangentially out into nothingness. And just like a ball thrown he flew out and then BANG. He was lucky enough to just miss the ride that was beside it. He was not bleeding but he was obviously in pain.

Now in such places there is usually no first aid available. A young boy came running from God knows where and started slapping the person into his senses. Well, that was the only first aid he got. Few men came and took him away to a tent nearby.No one else on the boat noticed his absence. The show must go on and it did.

Next time you go to a mela just be careful.



  1. The highway-well i already had a verbal account of the story but did not know about the end…cool guy,dat satwik..The lootera-i can’t believe that guy duped 4 would b IITians…guess he had more practical brains..The human projectile-i love the description…!!!

  2. welll… as santwana said d description f d human projectile was awesum…!!d lootera was also vry gud..4 me tht was vry humurous..n d highway was nice u know i love ur eng writing..!!!

  3. couldnt undrstnd last line of frst event…looterah walah was very gud….in da same mela i also got looted by a golgappa walah…he chrgd 30 bucks 4 merely 7 or 8 golgappas.lyk some of da above ppl i also admit:description of human projectile was beautiful…m waiting 4 ur next post 🙂

  4. aha bro… welcome back to writing…and wow i didnt know i had a role to play there too…he he…the blog’s simply cool mate…keep going dude……nd u definitely hav a faithful follower in me….cheers..

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