As I was zapping through the channels on my TV set the other day, I came across a weird piece of ‘news’ on a channel called Ind**TV. A very dramatic and excited voice narrated the following:

“Why?Exactly why do you think these two batsman Herschelle Gibbs and J P Duminy are playing well? People I plead you to think what might be the reason.Notice these two photos closely. I think you can tell why they are playing so well. Yes, my viewers its exactly what you think. They play so well because they are both… because they are both …….. bald.”

Wow! Could never have figured that out myself. Then that guy who calls himself a journalist went on to tell about what ingredients might have been mixed in the ‘prasad’ given by Priety Zinta to the Kings XI and what might be the reason why Kevin Peterson was the only person from the opponents side to have eaten that prasad. That person went onto narrate various theories regarding it. I don’t know about news but when it comes to expanding your imagination and widening your thought process about the weirdest possibilities this channel surely helps.

Among the other stuff broadcast by this channel are :
1.When is the world coming to an end?
2.Who is the left-handed magician that is bringing the world to his feet?(Answer: Barrack Obama)
3.Who brought the left-handed magician to his feet?(Answer: His helicopter when the US Prez got struck with the door of the helicopter)
4.Why is ******** Baba not leaving his house anymore?
and lots more…

From where does this channel get such audacity to show all this on national tv for hours and hours together? (Nowadays everyone is getting more and more daring. For instance, the question setters of maths in CBSE XII exam. I still now can’t digest the fact that these guys asked us the HCF of two numbers directly. It felt like a slap on my face. Questioning a class XII student about class III stuff.)The crew at that channel are doing the obvious. Going by the fact that most of India is superstitious, ill-educated (still) and cannot take too much substance at one time, they are broadcasting such weird ideas. What they need is TRP so they target religion in India. Well who does not? From the politicians to the conservative parents everyone has religion that they can use as a weapon. That is somehow a really big weakness in our integrity. We attach so much passion with it that we forget how some people are taking advantage of it.(We here does not imply me or you its for the general people. I don’t have that much a connection with religion. My friends obviously had other divine purposes why they visit temples regularly: to praise the ‘divine’ beauty.)

Everything needs to be dramatized in the Indian media to sell.(Well this is an accepted fact in India. Thats why Om Shanti Om,Heyy Baby,Singh is King got better box office results than Aamir,Mumbai Meri Jaan,Firaaq and even Slumdog Millionaire). Somehow the general public in India does not want substance. We would prefer a hero that beats up gangs of gangsters alone(Ghajini) rather than a realistic hero who dies due to a bomb attack. We must somehow ensure that no one takes advantage of the way we are.Thats not definitely what these news guys must be thinking. Everytime I zap through this channel I am reminded of a ill-directed theatrical performance. Why can’t they just tell the news after all there are other channels on air that serve the purpose they are trying to?( Sometimes you can catch repeat telecasts of your favourite soaps right here in news channels.) I would prefer to watch a regional news channel than this national channel;at least I would get news.Barring a couple of channels that are still virgin to all these tactics and still give pure news ,all the others in some proportion or the other sell dramatised news. Guess its only when we change will these news channels change.

We have tried the iPod and the iPhone , for once lets try this new gadget: iChange.


10 thoughts on “A HYPERNATIONALISTIC INDIAN – Part 1

  1. yeah u r absolutely right! i do agree! dese media people r diverting from their work..well i wud name dis piece- “the diverting story of journalists!”nd yeah- this is a wonderful thing!

  2. hmmn….interseting…< did i spell that right ???nope…i missed out on an "E" somewhere…< heck don't care…i'll rate this article in 2 parts…first…content..well…it's distinctly you…and it's gr8..very vocally thought provoking…< or should i say "typedly"..sry PJ>the msg was loud and clear…and was well versed…now for the second part…..what was your purpose in writing this ???to generate awareness regarding an issue that, to be very honest and blunt, is being hyped (which is justified) in itself…i know i'm boderline caustic as of now..but one hears about such things almost on a daily basis…although very few are going to admit this…but such things come up as topics of conversation in everyone life…but what is the use of going all vocal, literal, and hypothetical against such mundane monstrocities ??if you really want to do something, then don't just sit here and write/read/comment on blogs…do something about it DAMN IT !i know that everyone is going to say…what can i do ?? i'm just a single person…well..here is something for a start…mail what your feelings are to the IndiaTV people and let them know that their channels coverage and consiracy theories are worse than decayed shit in a septic tank…(hope no one loses their lunch over this.. )how ??simple..go to GOOGLE.com < you know…the search engine…do a search for IndiaTVgo to the indiaTV hope page..http://www.indiatvnews.comthen search for about us < that happens to be located in microscopic font at the bottom left of the page…note the e-mail mentioned mail@indiatvnews.comand start typing….i did < insert grin here)(just don't do anything silly like outright insulting the people, or threatening them..thats against the law..)politely state that their shows are useless…or anything else that you feel…sorry Debi…i really got carried away…but this gives me an idea for my blog..i know i've mentioned it…but still again…good article…literary value : 1.73 times e < if u don't get this one…god save you…cheers manP.S…iChange…thats stolen from some newspaper article….i know that i've read that somewhere before…but i'm not going to say that stealing is bad…[insert grin here>

  3. thanks apu for the feedback okay i dont remember iChange being from some newspaper but since you insist very well then credit to them but even i thought of it anyway. Now two people can have the same thoughts i guess.

  4. yaa..toatlly agree wid d news chanel..they hv evrythng in der channel except “NEWS”.i toh writin is jus soooo nice…m also vry vry glad tht u started writin a blog.. ur eng descriptions r certainly d BESTEST OF BEST…!!!!!AND ONE REQUEST 4M ME : DO WRITE SM NARRITIVE,DESCRIPTIV types lyk u used 2 wryt in skool n miss used 2 read it out in all d sections.. i jus love dem…n dont think ur presnt writin os bad or sth.. its jus superb yaar.. u rockk..!!!

  5. hey…its really a gr8 one debi!!..luvd it!!n d thin abt news channel…criously!!..i rarely watch news channels..n dat too nly wen its abt some big incident or sumthin..better get buried in d newspaper every morn..n i should add..i totally agree wid wat u wrote abt films lyk om shanti om getting better box office results dan aamir n oders…lyk om shanti om is gud 4 entertainment n all…but i really dnt understand y ppl still run aftr heroism n publicity dan d substance in d films..

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